Press Release

Release Date: October 01, 2018

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

  • From left: Chickasaw legislators Toby Perkins, Shana Tate Hammond, David Woerz, Nancy Elliott and Scott Wood, and Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court Justice Linda English- Weeks each affirmed their oath of office at the Chickasaw Nation Oath of Office ceremony conducted Oct. 1 in Ada, Okla. Photo by Jacquelyn K. Sparks.

ADA, Okla. – Six Chickasaw Nation officials elected during the July 31 general election were sworn into office Monday, Oct. 1, at the Chickasaw Nation Community Center.

Five legislators and one tribal Supreme Court Justice took the oath of office, which was administered by Chickasaw Nation Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Colbert.

Legislators David Woerz, Shana Tate Hammond, Toby Perkins, Scott Wood and Nancy Elliott reaffirmed their oath of office.

Supreme Court Justice Linda English Weeks was also sworn into office during the ceremony.

Mr. Woerz, Ardmore, will to represent Pickens District Seat 1, and Ms. Hammond, Ardmore, will represent Pickens District Seat 4.

Mr. Perkins, Ada, was reaffirmed to Pontotoc District Seat 1, and Ms. Elliott, Ada, will represent Pontotoc District Seat 2. Mr. Wood, Tishomingo, will continue to represent Tishomingo District Seat 1.

Justice English-Weeks, Newcastle, was reaffirmed to Seat 2 on the court during the ceremony.

Chickasaw Legislators and Supreme Court Justices serve a three-year term.

The Chickasaw Nation Legislature is comprised of 13 members, elected from the Chickasaw Nation’s four legislative districts: Panola, Pickens, Pontotoc and Tishomingo.