January Message

Governor Bill Anoatubby

Happy New Year! New opportunities now await for 2018!

By Bill Anoatubby, Governor, Chickasaw Nation

Did 2017 just race by?

It most definitely did! The years seem to zoom past, and this past year was no different.

At the end of each year, most of us take stock of what we have achieved and make plans for the year to come.

If we take a close look at what has been accomplished during our year, it is surprising to discover that we have made some real headway. Of course, we have days during the year when we feel as if we have just been spinning our wheels. But if you look at some key accomplishments, you can measure your results and see how much progress you are actually making!

At the Chickasaw Nation, the Chickasaw people were at the top of our minds during the year. Our team actively worked to develop new opportunities for you to make your life better and bring you closer to your tribe.

Virtually all Chickasaws are familiar with the many programs related to education, health care, housing, transportation, employment and so much more. Those who work for you at your tribe are continually driving new initiatives designed to make your life better.

As our society has changed over the past several decades, and it is important to be responsive to those changes, and especially to your needs. Today, single parents raising children are much more common. People are living longer, so our elder population is growing. These changes present opportunities for improvement in our delivery of services.

In the 1970s, we had strictly limited resources. We were almost completely dependent on federal funds, and those dollars were inadequate to fulfill our true needs.

Changes were instituted that would develop new resources for us and, in turn, present new opportunities for Chickasaws. It was determined that, as a sovereign nation, we would grow our own, self-made businesses to get where we needed to go. Plans were made to enter commercial business and generate returns to support our programs.

The Chickasaw Nation is now an acknowledged leader among the 566 federally-recognized tribes! We have met with success in commerce, and those successes have fueled growth of essential programs and new opportunities for Chickasaw people. Every day we witness success stories, and it is incredibly gratifying to see Chickasaws grow and prosper.

We are now one of the largest employers in Oklahoma, and our growth continues daily. We are engaged in a number of business categories and we value our diversification. We have an energetic, innovative management team that keeps our businesses humming.

By far the best part of our tribal success is…you! You are now recognizing the unique opportunities your tribe offers and taking advantage of those opportunities. Our job here at the tribe is to keep those opportunities flowing, and help Chickasaw families achieve success and happiness.

We must continually adapt to the changing lifestyles and needs of Chickasaws across the country and around the world. It is our desire to always bring to you the very best your tribe has to offer!

Yes, 2017 has zoomed past, and we can take a bit of time to check our achievements. Chickasaw people across our great country and around the globe this past year grabbed opportunity and linked up with their tribe in outstanding and positive ways. We plan to keep up the pace in 2018 with our mission always to enhance the quality of life of the Chickasaw people.

Happy New Year!

Last Updated: 01/2/2018