May Message

Governor Bill Anoatubby

Your happiness and success are of great interest to your tribe

By Bill Anoatubby, Governor, Chickasaw Nation

The long history of the Chickasaw Nation has many elements, and many turns along our extended path.

Our ancestors have been in North America for a very long time. Our tribe has a fascinating history of trial, challenge, endurance and victory.

The Chickasaw Nation was one of the most advanced and prosperous tribes among the many tribes of our land, long before European contact. We were a society of warriors, traders, hunters and community builders. Our people cared for each other and for the land they inhabited.

We can all be very proud of our Chickasaw heritage. Regardless of where you live and work today, your connection to your tribe is deep and enduring. The Chickasaw within you gifts you great spirit, perseverance and adaptability.

Our removal from our homelands was followed by well over a century of obstacles and challenges, even attempts to terminate our tribe. However, our story is one of constant renewal. Together we survived that long, extended period of hardship. We rebuilt our society and our government and came out of those challenging times stronger and more united than ever.

Today, the Chickasaw Nation is the most progressive tribe in the country. And you are a big part of the great things happening within our tribe!

Our tribe is innovative. We are continually trying new things, and we actively seek new challenges, new partnerships and new successes. We have learned accepting well-considered risks can lead to tremendous outcomes. We consider new initiatives carefully, but we understand we must “step outside the box” at times to achieve the biggest success.

Our tribe is expansive. Those of us who work for you in your government want you to discover all the great things your tribe has to offer. There is so much for you here, and all of us want to help you deepen your connection with the Chickasaw Nation. The array of offerings available to Chickasaw families has grown exponentially over the years. Our expansion has resulted in myriad opportunities for Chickasaws to grow and prosper.

Our tribe is eternal. The flame of our culture has endured and it now burns more brightly than ever. Prior to Removal, we were known as “Spartans of the Mississippi” for our warrior tradition, our prowess in trade and our ability to plan. Today, we draw on those assets as we build a strong, unified and dynamic Chickasaw Nation. We no longer control the great river valley, but the fire that made us Spartans remains in us today. Now, we are stronger and more successful than in any other age.

We are always here to serve you. What are your desires in this life? What do you most want to accomplish? We have built a powerful lineup of programs and services, everything from health care to education to careers, and so very much more. There are so many resources at your tribe, and they are here for you!

The Chickasaw Nation is built on working together, achieving good things, and caring for each other. Wherever you call home, whatever your life situation, however you choose to reach out, your tribe is calling on you to develop a deeper relationship with your history, your culture, your people.

We look forward to serving as your partner in achieving the important goals you hold for yourself and your family.