October Message

Governor Bill Anoatubby

Our economic plan is producing great results for all Chickasaws

By Bill Anoatubby, Governor, Chickasaw Nation

At the Chickasaw Nation, we have collectively walked an economic path together for many years, and that path has been built on a solid plan.

We began our work in 1987 with a simple mission: we would formulate a roadmap to prosperity for Chickasaws across the country. Our goal was to end our reliance on federal funds and achieve economic self-sufficiency. We would then have the ability to fully provide the essential programs and services for all the Chickasaw citizens our tribal government serves.

We have worked together on our economic plan for many years now, and we have achieved robust commercial success. Of course, as we have walked this path and executed our plan, we have always been resolute and focused on enhancing the lives of Chickasaw people. In that, we are all in complete agreement!

We certainly have had our tight spots, particularly early on in our economic development. However, we discovered we were not afraid of risk, as long as it was a carefully considered risk. And we were always prepared to adapt our plan and our operations as circumstances dictated. We learned we could turn on a dime when necessary!

We are a sovereign nation, yet we do not - as most sovereigns do - assess any type of taxes or fees on our citizens. That makes us very unique. Our unique situation allows our government to consistently serve Chickasaw citizens with good quality programs and services.

Our tribe, over time, has developed a number of good businesses and has nurtured their successes. We have been diligent in our business operations and have been able to consistently produce rising net income. Those resources produced by our tribal businesses fund our many programs and services for citizens, as well as our reinvestment in our businesses and other projects.

Another key element that makes the Chickasaw Nation unique is our ability to manage our own tribal businesses ourselves. We are truly grateful for the many sharp, talented Chickasaws managing our vital interests, including top administrators, managers and workers.

We obviously have built a solid commercial foundation with our entertainment operations. These interests have, thankfully, continued to grow over the years. In addition to these operations, we have also made the commitment to diversify our business portfolio into areas that offer great growth potential.

The Chickasaw Nation now operates manufacturing, management consulting, media, hospitality and other commercial endeavors that are paying good dividends. We are also involved in contracting, financial services, banking, fuel and convenience, and more. We are continually exploring new avenues of growth-oriented expansion.

As we operate our businesses, we keep in mind it is not simply about making money. The funds our operations produce are helping drive improvements in education, housing, health care, nutrition, employment, transportation and so much more.

Making money for money’s sake is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. Our funds are always directed to make the lives of Chickasaw families better. Whether it is a college scholarship, a new computer, a visit to the doctor, a new home, a new job or enhanced skills, we who serve you at your tribe are dedicated to assisting you in your pursuits.

At the Chickasaw Nation, we are truly blessed. We honor those who have come before us by making Chickasaw lives better – today, and for generations to come.