Governor's Monthly Message

November Message

November is the perfect time to reflect on our heritage, our veterans

November offers two important observances, Native American Heritage Month and Veterans Day. Both provide us opportunities to reflect on who we are as a people, and how our Chickasaw history is...

October Message

Chickasaw Annual Meeting born of desire for representative government


The Chickasaw Annual Meeting and Festival is a celebration generations in the making.

It is a time when we invite Chickasaws across the country and the world to...

September Message

Chickasaw Nation dedicated to protect and serve, partner with others

The United States Supreme Court’s ruling last summer that affirmed the Muscogee Creek Nation’s reservation has been a topic of much news and activity. The Supreme Court’s...

August Message

Buildings are simply buildings, unless they are serving people

The Chickasaw Nation has been known for centuries for its warrior tradition. Known as “Spartans of the Lower Mississippi,” any group traveling through our area knew to tread lightly...

July Message

Warrior mentality saw Chickasaws through the troubles

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

This quote, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, captures the Chickasaw spirit that has defined our people for...

June Message

Plenty of great educational, fun activities on the schedule for this summer


Summer is upon us and we are looking forward to activities and time with family and friends.

In May, Chickasaw children and students returned to in-person summer...

May Message

Our tribe’s rich education history is the foundation for our students’ success

Chickasaw Nation history would not be complete if our tribe’s long and storied dedication to education was not included.

After the American Civil War, our tribe quickly grew its...

April Message

A basket of good ideas, a plan, and hard work have led us to our success

It has been important over the years that the Chickasaw Nation see its many good ideas become reality. Things really can change for the better when you have a good plan, and work that plan...

March Message

Our tribe is all about growth, and fully serving the Chickasaw people

At the Chickasaw Nation, we have grown by leaps and bounds over the past 30 years.

Our tribe has grown in so many different ways – in citizens, in programs and services, in...

February Message

Foundational tenets of Chickasaw history support the common good

The history of the Chickasaw Nation stretches back millennia. The times of pre-history are not recorded, but our time here in our modern Chickasaw Nation has been a relatively short period of...

January Message

Our health care team has been exceptional as we move on to vaccines

We have reached the beginning of the new year. This new year, unlike so many others, follows a year full of challenge and change. We are thankful 2021 looks to be our year for reemergence, hope...