Governor's Monthly Message

December Message

Season’s Greetings

Season’s greetings and warmest holiday wishes from all of us at the Chickasaw Nation!

During this sacred season, we reflect on all the blessings bestowed on us by God. We are...

November Message

Native American Heritage Month a great time to discover your history

November marks “Native American Heritage Month.” This designation recognizes the history of Native people and their unique place in American society.

Native American...

October Message

Our economic plan is producing great results for all Chickasaws

At the Chickasaw Nation, we have collectively walked an economic path together for many years, and that path has been built on a solid plan.

We began our work in 1987 with a simple...

September Message

Join us for the 2019 Chickasaw Annual Meeting & Festival!

Preparations are well underway as we look forward to 2019’s Chickasaw Annual Meeting and Festival!

The 59th Annual Meeting of the Chickasaw Nation and 31st Annual Chickasaw...

August Message

Annual Meeting traces roots to Seeley Chapel movement

It will very soon be that special time of year when all Chickasaws come together to share and celebrate our Chickasaw heritage!

Our 59th Annual Meeting of the Chickasaw Nation and 31st...

July Message

Human rights are fundamental for all indigenous people

The Chickasaw Nation is one of thousands of tribes of native peoples who live on every continent on Earth. It’s an incredible story of survival and the power of traditional values.


June Message

Commitment to core values has served Chickasaws well

Throughout our history, Chickasaw people have been able to adapt successfully to constantly changing situations, in part, because of our belief in certain core values.


May Message

Tribe’s commitment to education built on history of success

The Chickasaw Nation is well known as an “education tribe” for some very good reasons. We develop, support and fund an impressive array of education programs and services built for...

April Message

Investment in Chickasaw students paying big dividends

The Chickasaw Nation is an education tribe.

The Chickasaw government and Chickasaw people have understood for generations a good education is key to a successful and fulfilling life...

March Message

Our Chickasaw language programs are getting great results

Step back in time for a moment and imagine you are being raised in a home where the primary language is Chickasaw. Virtually all words spoken to you as a child at home are Chickasaw. You...

February Message

A firm foundation built on the path presented to us by our ancestors

Today’s modern world offers us an array of options and conveniences never before experienced in human history. Our lives are often driven by the many choices before us daily, and our day...

January Message

‘Spartans’ history translates into modern Chickasaw success

It is once again time to ring in the New Year!

One year seems like a long time to young people. They can count their total years on this Earth on their hands and toes. One year to the...