Governor's Monthly Message

July Message

Building on a Firm Foundation

Happy 4th of July! We hope you enjoy the holiday with family, friends and loved ones as you celebrate our country’s liberty and freedom. Our sincerest appreciation also goes out to our...

June Message

Investing in a brighter future

Beginning with our first tribal enterprise, the Chickasaw Motor Inn, the Chickasaw Nation has focused on business diversification to sustain the great progress we have enjoyed over the years...

May Message

Coming together after the storms

Our hearts go out to all the individuals and families affected by the recent storms across the country. A large number of tornados impacted communities in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Texas...

April Message

Education leads to great opportunities and tribal progress

Throughout much of our history, formal education has been of vital importance to the Chickasaw Nation and Chickasaw people. Education can be used as an instrument for personal empowerment and...

March Message

A Season of Hope


Spring is upon us! It is a time of growth, rejuvenation and new life. During this time of year, we appreciate the new beginnings and blossoming wildlife abundant...

February Message

Cooperating for Stability and Success

At its most basic level, sovereignty is the ability of a group of people to make decisions for themselves. Chickasaw Nation sovereignty is inherent and existed for hundreds of years prior to...

January Message

Reflecting on our past, planning our future


Happy New Year from the Chickasaw Nation! We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season with friends and loved ones and are ready to take on a new year full of hope and promise...