Governor's Monthly Message

November Message

Our Chickasaw heritage is woven into the fabric of American history

This month, as we celebrate Native American Heritage Month, we recognize and celebrate the many valuable contributions, sacrifices, impact and influence of First American nations and people. Our...

October Message

Our Chickasaw Nation story is a story of solidarity and victory

It has been almost seven generations since the Chickasaw people were removed from their ancestral Southeastern homelands.

That represents about two centuries of challenge, innovation...

September Message

Please join us this year for the Chickasaw Annual Meeting & Festival!

We are approaching a very special time of year for the Chickasaw Nation. It is nearly time for the Chickasaw Annual Meeting and Festival, a celebration of our tribal progress and culture.


August Message

Good Springs convention, historic Capitol set a solid foundation

The Chickasaw Nation has survived and flourished throughout our history because of the perseverance and fortitude of the Chickasaw People. For centuries, Chickasaws have overcome obstacles...

July Message

Independence Day offers a look into intertwined U.S., Chickasaw history

This month, we have the privilege of reveling in our country’s independence and, as Americans, the freedoms and liberties we appreciate each day. Independence Day is a time of joyous...

June Message

Our Chickasaw bonds are strengthened with our tribal programs, services

As Chickasaws, we share a bond that has withstood the tests of time. A bond that has endured throughout our shared history and through the many triumphs our people experienced and the challenges...

May Message

Our commitment to education supports development of great careers, lives

The Chickasaw Nation has for generations been committed to educational access for all Chickasaws.

Prior to Removal, a number of Chickasaw students attended schools established by...

April Message

Our steady, planned growth has supported a culture of opportunity

Spring is here and with it, a renewed spirit of optimism for what the future holds for the Chickasaw Nation. With warmer weather, outdoor activities, and life in abundance, we cherish this time...

March Message

Chickasaw women a dynamic force within the Chickasaw Nation

This month, we celebrate Women’s History Month, an annual event that highlights the vital role of women to important moments in history and contemporary society.

The Chickasaw...

February Message

Economic diversification, career opportunities keys to Chickasaw success

Entrepreneurship and ingenuity have long been characteristics of the Chickasaw Nation and Chickasaw people. This spirit of determination and resolution has served us well over the years and...

January Message

Our 2022 achievements lay the groundwork for an exciting, successful 2023

Happy New Year! During this time, many of us are thinking about the upcoming year and what it holds for our future. As we look forward to the promise of new opportunities in the new year, it is...